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About Us


CaterQuip is a leading importer and supplier of catering equipment in South Africa. We supply all industries ranging from home use to large corporations. We pride ourselves in providing the best service and to give you the lowest prices available.

Leader in Catering Supplies

Being a leader in the catering supplies industry, Cater Quip has made life much easier by giving our customer the option to purchase catering supplies wholesale at highly competitive prices. Seen as a restaurant supplies and commercial kitchen equipment supplier, Cater Quip offers customers the option to purchase catering supply equipment from anywhere around South Africa!

Various Food Production Industries

Various food production industries require different types of catering equipment to help them succeed within their relevant industry. The revolution of kitchen-based technology has brought about many changes within the catering supplies industry, corporations are able to produce last amounts of product due to many processes now being automated by robotics. Cater Quip has stayed ahead of the pack by conducting in-depth product research on all the different types of catering equipment that we now supply. Our commercial kitchen equipment list only entails the latest and greatest in catering equipment ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

Catering Equipment Checklist

Customers with a catering equipment checklist will find our website easy to navigate in order for them to locate the catering equipment that they require as fast as possible! All of our products carry a 6 month guarantee on them, with the option of purchasing items online and having them delivered directly to your door, anywhere around South Africa!

Revamping or New Venture?

Revamping a kitchen or are you looking into a new venture? Cater Quip has got you covered, with a catering equipment list that has just about every single required item for a kitchen, Cater Quip is your one stop catering supplies shop! Contact us today for all your industrial kitchen or small-scale kitchen operation.